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NBT Temadag 12 November 2019

Välkommen till NBT Temadag om Nordiskt Brandskyddat trä i Stockholm den 12 november som i år anordnas dagen innan Brandskydd 2019 (13-14 november) i Upplands Väsby. Årets temadag om brandskyddat trä bjuder på många intressanta föredrag och inramas av möten mellan medlemmar och andra deltagare.


NBT vill tacka alla som deltog på Temadagen!


Nästa NBT Temadag kommer att arrangeras 2021.


CEN har publicerat "Durabillity of reaction to fire performance"

På CENs hemsida kan man nu läsa följande:


Reference: EN 16755:2017

Title Durability of reaction to fire performance - Classes of fire-retardant treated wood products in interior and exterior end use applications

Abstract/Scope: This European Standard describes the characteristics for fire-retardant treated wood products. NOTE 1 It is based on maintaining performance undiminished throughout the desired service life in the anticipated conditions of use. The European Standard prescribes the classification requirements for the durability of the reaction to fire performance of fire-retardant treated wood products to be used in interior and exterior end use conditions. This European Standard applies to wood which has been treated during a production process with fire retardant products applied either by a penetration process or by a superficial process, such as with a film forming or intumescent fire retardant coating. It covers fire-retardant treated products that are coated with an ordinary paint. Mechanical properties and biological durability of fire-retardant treated wood products are not covered by this European Standard. NOTE 2 This standard can be used for other manufactured wood products. This standard covers wood products. It doesn’t cover wood-based panels. NOTE 3 Wood based panels for construction are described in EN 13986.

Status: Published
Date of Availability (DAV): 2017-10-11

Boverket genomför marknadskontroll av träpaneler

Boverket meddelade att man under våren 2017 påbörjar marknadskontroll av träpaneler som omfattas av den harmoniserade standarden SS-EN 14915-1:2013

Se informationsbrev Marknadskontroll av träpaneler från Boverket 2017-06-09

[återfinns även i Dokumentarkiv/Litteraturlista].

NBT Temadag will be arranged November 8, 2017

The association NBT will be arrange Temadag about fire retardant treated (FRT) wood on Wednesday 8 November 2017 on Scandic Star Sollentuna. The purpose is to make NBT and FRT wood known on the market.

The program and possibility to register will be available here. Please book the day!

Tech Group Meeting

The next meeting of the tech group will be held 18th of August 2015.

A board meeting will be held on the same day. Both meetings are held at SP Trä in Stockholm.